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Traditional energy sources can be very damaging to the environment, carbon emissions, nuclear waste & global warming.  Not only are these energy sources damaging to the environment but they are getting used up at an increasingly alarming rate.  Thus coupled with the ever increasing costs of powering your home or business is a major factor why a number of people are going Solar.  Out with the traditional dirty energy sources provided by every increasing costly external providers – In coming your own Diy solar power project.

The sun is one resource which is available in large quantities and is constantly replenishing itself. Unlike most forms of non renewable energy, solar energy (renewable energy) is produced and consumed where it is used; this means more jobs for people in this country, plus it is one of the easier Do It Yourself (DIY) projects that you can take on around the home.

There are some great reasons why alternative solar power is a great energy option. For starters, you will notice some real savings on your monthly utility bill (you may actually reach a point where you don’t use a utility company at all), also making your home a more valuable asset.   In some markets, a Diy solar power system can actually be linked into the solar Grid and when your solar system produces more power than your household consumes you get a credit on your bill.

There are a number of ways where you can use alternative energy solar, and to give you a hint it’s not just to heat your water and generate electricity. Other ways you can use solar energy include cooking, passive solar design, pump water, heating your swimming pool/spa as well as landscape lighting.

When it comes to alternative energy solar you have a few different options.  Most of which are quite easily tackled by the average DIY skill base.  You can either install small solar projects such as solar lights, or use a solar cooker, or think about installing larger solar projects such as full scale photovoltaic solar generators, where you may need some external expert advice and assistance.
Some people who build a new home choose to utilize passive solar design. If you design your home and garden well you will reduce heating and cooling bills ten fold. By taking advantage of alternative solar energy technology you will save money by not having to maintain and purchase new equipment.

Utilizing passive design is often a more efficient way of utilizing solar power, rather than adding solar technologies to a home – which despite your best efforts may not be entirely energy efficient.

The technology that is used for alternative energy solar are photovoltaic cells. These photovoltaic cells, or PV’s as they are often referred, are semi conductors which have two layers of silicon. It is not important for you to have a complete understanding of how PV cells work, however it is important that the contractor you hire does.

If you are one of those people who doesn’t feel complete unless you have one do-it-yourself project on the go, then doing an alternative energy solar project might just take your fancy.   There are a range of projects online, or Kits you can buy from local electronics suppliers which take hardly any time and are a fun activity.

Utilizing alternative energy solar is a great idea & a very easy start when it comes to DIY projects.  You may even like to take advantage of both solar and wind power technology.

Installing Diy solar power system can be a costly business at times depending on the size of your project. Why not take advantage of the tax credits and subsidies available? There is a plethora of information available on the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy www.dsireusa.org and you can find out exactly what subsidies and incentives are available for your area.

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