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We are more  and more aware of the damage the continual use of fossil fuels is doing to our environment.  We need only look at the wild weather patterns that are becoming harder to predict, to realize how important it is to make strides in bringing renewable energy sources into our homes. Solar and wind power are excellent choices.

Both wind and sun are abundant on our planet. For instance, everyday more solar power (sun light) is available to us than the energy the entire population of the globe would use in 27 years. In locations with high solar intensities such as the desert region of the United States and in some developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, solar power is a very good option. However, people need to be educated about solar power and the best way to utilize it.

The same rings true for wind power. There are some areas which are more suitable for wind power than others – for example those in locations where the wind blows an average speed of 8-14 miles per hour, and those with at least an acre of land.

If your property is suitable, you can use solar and wind power to heat your water and generate electricity, regardless of where you are on the planet.

The option that is appealing for most people is solar power. Despite being more expensive than other energy options, people are warming to the fact that utilizing renewable energy is hugely beneficial to both the environment and the end user.

In some states, tax breaks and subsidies are available for those considering solar and wind power, and your utility company may assist in advice on this and give some help too. Your new power generation capacity may also have a surplus that can be sold back to your utility company as a credit.

The benefit of installing solar power technologies is that you will start seeing savings on your monthly utility bills. However, depending on how much solar equipment you install you may never need to pay a utility bill ever again.

Those people who install solar and wind power find the value of their home appreciates. If you are interested in installing renewable energy and what your house will sell for in the market, all you need to do is talk to your realtor who will be able to give you a good estimate.

The National Association for Real Estate Appraisers says that every dollar you save when utilizing renewable energy, your home increases in value 20 fold. The reason for this appreciation in a home’s value is that people are willing to pay more for homes which utilize solar and wind power.

Audit the household demand for power and make a commitment to reducing it. Are the demands for heating, lighting and hot water being efficiently managed? Is the house well insulated and free of leaks around doors, windows, attic and basement?

There is little point in knowing how much power we consume if we don’t make steps to stop it disappearing through these potential gaps. The choice of home appliances will make a big difference to the energy audit and the ability for solar and wind power generators to meet demand.

Energy efficient machines, a down sized home entertainment system, and well insulated hot water heating can dramatically reduce power consumption. Installation of solar and wind power is a positive step towards a more energy efficient lifestyle. The rewards both in your wallet, and to a greener world, are immeasurable.

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