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Take the plunge and make a huge difference!

Small wind turbines are not just projects for enthusiasts, but offer a real way for the home owner to supply their own energy  and generate a little extra to sell back to the utility company.  Learning how to build a wind turbine is relatively simple. The options range from purchasing a kitset that just needs assembling, to starting from scratch and constructing the tower, generator and even carving the windmill blade from suitable wood.

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Before you begin to choose what type of construction you would like, a little investigation into the wind potential for the site is a good idea. Wind atlas details are available online, and you can also monitor the prevailing winds using a small wind meter over a period of months. This will give you all the information needed to decide where a windmill could be located.

One wind turbine should be sufficient for a residential home

One wind turbine should be sufficient for a residential home

Before selecting the power generation capacity and making the decision to build wind turbine, an eco-audit of the entire home’s energy usage may show that savings can be made that reduce demand substantially.

The basic parts needed to build a wind turbine include structure to support the blades generator, or a strong enough roof, the windmill blade and connection to a generator, the tail assembly to keep the unit facing into the prevailing wind, and various electrical pieces of equipment.

This becomes an assembly project that the whole family can get involved in, as many hands are a good help when it comes to the erection of the final system.

It may only take a matter of days to build a wind turbine. Once all the parts are together, limited knowledge of electrical circuitry will suffice to get it properly connected. However, if the unit is to be designed to return any surplus to the grid, more sophisticated charge controllers and qualified electrical assistance must be used.

On the down side, the energy produced will need to be stored in a battery for slow release when the wind slows. These batteries can pose environmental issues when it comes to their disposal, but one of the side effects of growing demand for wind power is that battery technology is also improving.


wind turbines work whenever there is wind

wind turbines work whenever there is wind

Learning how to build a wind turbine is not just about putting up a striking piece of outdoor sculpture and watching the utility bill drop. The issues mentioned in this article are designed not just to demonstrate that a wind turbine is desirable and good for the environment, but that wind powered electrical generation is an efficient solution.

Modern wind generators are exceptionally efficient, and one of the most exciting power sources for the future. Anyone wanting to build wind turbine will soon discover that they have tapped a free source of power that will give them an enduring supply, and with little or no maintenance needed for some time.

Learning how to build a wind turbine is for most people a steep learning curve about how cutting edge technology is making huge advances to save the burning of fossil fuels to supply power to the home.

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