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Why DIY Alternate Energy

Do you want to learn how to make yourself independent of grid energy, or even just reduce your energy costs?

Learn to make your own energy with a DIY energy project.  Welcome to our DIY Alternate Energy website where we can help you get started. Using alternate energy sources is a great way of sourcing your energy in a manner to suit what you are after;

  • To make it cheaper
  • To reduce the impact on the environment and “Go Green”
  • For the independence of going “off the Grid”
  • Or simply to source your energy in some remote locations.

Paying commercial rates to convert to an alternate energy source can be prohibitive, let alone  mind boggling, what to choose, where to locate it, where to source it.  We hope to change that all for you.  Flick though our pages devoted to DIY Alternate Energy & find hopefully all the background information you need.

With very little skill and experience, the DIY enthusiast can embark on a range of DIY alternate energy projects.

Imagine taking control of some of our natural resources to make energy and having the ability TO DO IT YOURSELF! Whether it is solar energy panels, wind turbines or a combination  of renewable energy sources, you can make your own electricity.

What we would like to explore on these pages is the possibility of doing exactly that.

Everyday the sun shines and provides enough energy for the entire globe for 27 years. Solar energy is just one of the renewable energy sources up for grabs. Wind energy and geo thermal energy are other alternative renewable energy sources available as well.

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